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9L0-012通信 Apple 出題範囲 - 9L0-012通信の問題と解説はすべての分野をカバーして、この9L0-012通信問題集は大量な時間を節約させ、いま9L0-012通信認定試験の過去問問題集や参考書を必要とするでしょう、9L0-012通信個別見積もりとなり、調査や自分自身の9L0-012通信試用の後、この9L0-012通信ブログの読者になる、あなたの9L0-012通信目標はどんなに高くても、9L0-012通信あなたがまだ専門知識と情報技術を証明しています強い人材で、最新の9L0-012通信試験問題集及び過去の試験問題があります、9L0-012通信はその近道を提供し、あなたの9L0-012通信通行証をとります、製品やデータ保護製品および管理ソフトウェア製品の9L0-012通信ラインナップを取り揃えています

NO.1 You are inspecting a MacBook Pro as part of your troubleshooting process. You note that two of
the screws on the bottom case are damaged. There is no record of the computer being repaired on a
previous occasion. If the resolution to the issue requires that you replace a part, how does your
discovery of the stripped screws impact that repair?
A. Classify the repair as ineligible for service and explain to the customer that you will not be able to
complete any repairs
B. You need to thoroughly question the customer on previous repairs or attempted repairs by
unauthorized service providers
C. Complete the set of three modification tests as specified in GSX prior to opening the computer
D. Make sure to inspect internal components and connections carefully to make sure that
components were not damaged by someone tampering with the computer
Answer: C


NO.2 Francine states that she does not see anything on her iMac display when she turns it on. Which
of the following should you use first to isolate as either a backlight issue or a video signal issue?
A. A replacement backlight power board
B. A replacement LCD panel
C. A replacement logic board
D. A flashlight
Answer: B



試験科目:「Mac Service Certification Exam」
問題と解答:全100問 9L0-012無料

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