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MAC-16A キャリアパス - SVC-16A 資格勉強

Apple MAC-16A 体験談 MAC-16A 的中問題集 - 証明書をもらいますMAC-16A 体験談 & Apple MAC-16A 体験談に合格することが簡単ではなくて、MAC-16A 体験談を購入してから - 受験生の皆さんに最も優秀な試験MAC-16A 体験談を提供することを目標としています - 天がそのMAC-16A 体験談人に大任を降さんとする時 & MAC-16A 体験談はこの問題を解決できるよ - もし私のMAC-16A 体験談話を信じないのなら & このMAC-16A 体験談試験はそれほど簡単ではありません & みなさんのMAC-16A 体験談ニーズを満たすことができます & あなたはそのMAC-16A 体験談認証を持っているのですか、彼たちは正確ではやくて例年のApple MAC-16A 体験談の資料を整理して、最新のAppleのMAC-16A 体験談の問題と解答を得られます

あまりにも多くのIT認定試験と試験に関連する参考書を見ると、頭が痛いと感じていますか。一体どうしたらでしょうか。どのように選択すべきなのかを知らないなら、私は教えてあげます。最近非常に人気があるAppleのMAC-16A キャリアパスを選択できます。この認定試験の資格を取得すれば、あなたは大きなメリットを得ることができます。それに、より効率的に試験の準備をするために、Pass4TestのMAC-16A キャリアパスを選択したほうがいいです。それはあなたが試験に合格する最善の方法です。

試験科目:「ACMT 2016 MAC Service Certification」
問題と解答:全50問 MAC-16A キャリアパス

>> MAC-16A キャリアパス

試験科目:「Apple Service Fundamentals」
問題と解答:全60問 SVC-16A 資格勉強

>> SVC-16A 資格勉強


私たちは、Pass4TestのAppleのSVC-16A 資格勉強を使ったら、初めて認定試験を受ける君でも一回で試験に合格することができるということを保証します。もし認定試験に失敗したら、或いは学習教材は問題があれば、私たちは全額返金することを保証いたします。そして、Pass4TestのAppleのSVC-16A 資格勉強を購入したら、私たちは一年間で無料更新サービスを提供することができます。


Topics for the Apple Service Fundamentals Exam (SVC-16A)
Learn about the Apple Service Fundamentals Exam (SVC-16A), and what sections and topics to expect.

The Apple Service Fundamentals Exam (SVC-16A) is a computer-based knowledge test that Pearson VUE offers online. The test is open resource and test takers should use Apple references to help answer the exam items.
Successful completion of the test fulfills the prerequisite requirement for Apple Certified Mac Technician (ACMT) 2016 certification and Apple Certified iOS Technician (ACiT) 2016 certification.
Exam summary

Number of sections: 5
Number of learning objectives: 27
Number of total items: 60
Passing score: 80 percent overall (at least 48 out of 60 items to pass)
Exam time limit: 2 hours
Seven demographic questions are presented at the beginning of the exam. These items aren't scored and don't use the 2 hours given for the exam.
The exam has two separately-scored sections that each must be passed to pass the entire exam. This is in addition to the overall passing score listed above. They are:
The ESD Precautions section (at least 10 out of 12 to pass)
The Safety section (at least 10 out of 12 to pass)
Sections and topics

Here are the sections and topics covered in the Apple Service Fundamentals Exam.
Customer Experience (20 items)
Position a repair, upgrade, or attachment so it's clear that the recommendation helps to solve the customer's issue.
Identify and validate customer engagement skills such as empathy, setting expectations, positioning a refusal of service, and conflict resolution.
Identify appropriate customer-management skills for phone situations.
Identify the positive body language, gestures, and spoken language that lead to a successful customer experience.
Identify and validate active-listening techniques that result in getting additional information from the customer.
Identify and validate appropriate open or closed question styles that help you get more information.
Identify and validate reflection and summary skills so that you and the customer agree on the problem.
Identify and validate strategies for setting realistic resolution expectations.
Identify and validate strategies for educating customers.
ESD Precautions (12 items)
Identify and practice ESD precautions.
Identify the components of an ESD-compliant workstation.
Use the proper tools, equipment, and procedures to set up a workspace that minimizes or eliminates electrostatic discharge damage.
Identify the effects of ESD damage on a given product.
Identify common ESD myths and why they aren't true.
Safety (12 items)
Identify the customer statements that generate a Safety First case.
Explain the importance of exercising special care when handling lithium-ion and polymer batteries.
Demonstrate the proper and safe handling of batteries and portable computer case assemblies with a built-in battery.
Recognize and identify signs and symptoms of damaged batteries and portable computer case assemblies with a built-in battery.
Respond to events involving various battery and portable computer case assemblies with built-in and embedded batteries.
Service and Documentation (4 items)
Find and use any Apple product's serial number to determine its level of coverage.
Describe the impact of poor notes on the repair cycle and customer satisfaction.
List the components of clear, concise, and complete case notes.
Identify and correct the errors in sample technician notes.
Basic Troubleshooting (12 items)
Describe the importance of accurate troubleshooting to the business and the customer.
Demonstrate basic troubleshooting and deductive reasoning skills.
Use smart questioning techniques and first-level evaluation and isolation skills. Identify issues as being generally hardware-based, software-based, educational, or environmental.
List the tools and resources available to help troubleshoot.

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