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Pass4TestにたくさんのIT専門人士がいって、弊社の問題集に社会のITエリートが認定されて、弊社の問題集は試験の大幅カーバして、合格率が100%にまで達します。弊社のみたいなウエブサイトが多くても、彼たちは君の学習についてガイドやオンラインサービスを提供するかもしれないが、弊社はそちらにより勝ちます。Pass4Testは同業の中でそんなに良い地位を取るの原因は弊社のかなり正確な試験の練習問題と解答そえに迅速の更新で、このようにとても良い成績がとられています。そして、弊社が提供した問題集を安心で使用して、試験を安心で受けて、君のSAP C-TFIN52-05認証試験の100%の合格率を保証しますす。

Pass4Testを通してSAP C-TFIN52-05試験に合格することがやすくて、SAP C-TFIN52-05試験をはじめて受ける方はPass4Testの商品を選んで無料なサンプル(例年の試験問題集と解析)をダウンロードしてから、楽に試験の現場の雰囲気を体験することができます。オンラインにいろいろなSAP C-TFIN52-05試験集があるですけれども、弊社の商品は一番高品質で低価額で、試験の問題が絶えず切れない更新でテストの内容ともっとも真実と近づいてお客様の合格が保証いたします。それほかに、弊社の商品を選んで、勉強の時間も長くではありません。できるだけ早くSAP C-TFIN52-05認定試験を通ろう。

試験科目:SAP 「SAP Certified Solution Consultant Financials - Financial Accounting with SAP ERP 2005」




NO.1 Chart of depreciation (Choose Three)
A. is assigned to company code
B. you cannot add/delete additional areas
C. it is also possible to open depreciation areas after the production start of the system
D. you can delete areas you do not need
Answer: A,C,D

SAP認定証   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05問題集   C-TFIN52-05

NO.2 Asset classes (Choose Five)
A. consist of a master data section and a depreciation area section
B. for each depreciation area you can propose depreciation attributes for assets, you can
choose that
they be specified by the system
C. are assigned to at least one chart of depreciation
D. consist of a master data section only
E. asset classes are created at client level
F. for each depreciation area you can propose depreciation attributes for assets
G. you can suppress individual depreciation areas in each asset class
H. asset classes are created at company code level
Answer: A,B,C,E,G

SAP練習問題   C-TFIN52-05認定資格   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05認証試験   C-TFIN52-05認定試験

NO.3 Cross company code Transaction
A. For cross company code transaction no configuration needs to be maintained
B. Cross company code document Transaction number contain company code of second
company number, document number of first company code and fiscal year.
C. All wrong
Answer: C

SAP認定資格   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05

NO.4 Screen layout rules control
A. field selection
B. all are correct
C. maintenance level
D. references/copies
Answer: B

SAP練習問題   C-TFIN52-05練習問題   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05練習問題   C-TFIN52-05認定試験

NO.5 An account group (multi) (Choose Three)
A. Is defined for every company code.
B. Defines the number range for a mater record.
C. Uses a field status group to control the field layout for the maintenance of mater records
D. Determines one-time accounts for accounts payable and accounts receivable.
Answer: B,C,D

SAP参考書   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05

NO.6 Chart of depreciation is assigned to company code and necessary data for asset
accounting is added
to company code. Hence company code is available for use in asset accounting
A. false
B. true
Answer: B

SAP認証試験   C-TFIN52-05認定資格   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05認定証

NO.7 You define number assignment as either internal or external
A. false
B. true
Answer: B

SAP   C-TFIN52-05過去問   C-TFIN52-05問題集   C-TFIN52-05認証試験   C-TFIN52-05参考書   C-TFIN52-05認定試験

NO.8 Each company code has its own number range and company codes cannot share
number ranges
A. false
B. true
Answer: B

SAP   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05練習問題

NO.9 Which of the following statements about creating customer master records are
(Choose Four)
A. The company code is always a required entry.
B. An account group always gets assigned to a customer.
C. Information on each screen may be defined in configuration as mandatory, suppressed or
depending upon the company code
D. The account number may be assigned by the user externally.
E. Information on each screen may be defined in configuration as mandatory, suppressed or
depending upon the account group
Answer: B,C,D,E

SAP   C-TFIN52-05認証試験   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05

NO.10 When you create asset master records this data is automatically adopted from the
asset class you
A. true
B. false
Answer: A

SAP過去問   C-TFIN52-05練習問題   C-TFIN52-05認定証

NO.11 Which of following statements are correct?
A. The customer master data comparison program compares which master records are
already created in
financial accounting but not yet created in sales and distribution.
B. The customer master data compares the customers in the legacy system with the
customers in the R/3
C. The customer master data comparison program compares which master records are
already created in
purchasing but not yet in sales and distribution.
D. The customer mater data comparison program checks whether the customer master
record contains a
telephone number.
Answer: A

SAP   C-TFIN52-05認定証   C-TFIN52-05過去問   C-TFIN52-05認証試験

NO.12 Which of the following statements about financial reporting are correct.?
A. When displaying a financial statement, the system can automatically calculate the profit
and loss
statement result.
B. You can obtain a summarized financial statement for any hierarchy level defined in the
statement version
C. A financial statement version cannot include more than one company code, unless you
are using FI-LC
D. A financial statement version displays either a balance sheet or a profit and lost statement,
not both.
E. The system can translate a financial statement into any currency for reporting purposes.
Answer: E

SAP   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05認定証

NO.13 Chart of accounts can be modified to fit your requirements, but chart of depreciation is
always country
A. false
B. true
Answer: B

SAP   C-TFIN52-05認定証   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05

NO.14 Payment Medium Workbench. (Choose Three)
A. New format can be created with little programming experience.
B. PMW facilitates uniformity.
C. Before PMW it is easy to maintain the program used in payment media.
D. PMW facilitates for select vendor open items during automatic payment run
E. In PMW format can easily be changed with making modification.
Answer: A,B,E

SAP認定資格   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05認定証   C-TFIN52-05認定資格   C-TFIN52-05

NO.15 Controlling area can include one or more company codes
A. true
B. false
Answer: A

SAP   C-TFIN52-05過去問   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05認定試験

NO.16 mySAP ERP delivers standard depreciation areas and additional areas cannot be
A. true
B. false
Answer: B

SAP   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05練習問題

NO.17 You cannot specify attributes of each individual depreciation area
A. true
B. false
Answer: B

SAP認定資格   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05過去問   C-TFIN52-05認証試験

NO.18 Which of the following statements are correct? (Choose Three)
A. A house bank can be assigned to a business area within the payment program
B. A House bank account can be defined in more than one currency
C. The payments program can use a different House bank for each different payment method
D. When creating a House bank, you do not need to specify the country.
E. House bank master data must be created in advance, before assigning the House bank to
a payment
method in the payment program configuration
Answer: A,C,E

SAP   C-TFIN52-05問題集   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05

NO.19 Layout for the master data of each asset class defines
A. number of tab pages
B. field groups that appear on tab pages
C. names of tab pages
D. all are correct
Answer: D

SAP認定証   C-TFIN52-05練習問題   C-TFIN52-05認定資格   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05認定資格   C-TFIN52-05認定証

NO.20 Highest priority for deriving functional area is:
A. Manual Entry
B. Validation
C. CO document
D. Substitution
E. CO Master Data
Answer: A

SAP問題集   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05

NO.21 Drilldown reporting is a tool that enables you to analyze G/L account transaction figure
and financial
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

SAP   C-TFIN52-05認定試験   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05

NO.22 In a Payment method definition: (Choose Two)
A. Define allowed currency for company code
B. Define allowed currency for country level
C. Define a maximum and min payment
D. Define house bank link
Answer: B,C

SAP   C-TFIN52-05認定資格   C-TFIN52-05認定資格   C-TFIN52-05認定試験

NO.23 Profit and Loss using the Period Accounting and Cost of Sales Accounting:
A. The operating result can be different.
B. In Cost of Sales accounting, the output of a period and the total cost of this period are
C. All of the above
D. None of the above
E. In period accounting the sales revenue for a period and sales costs of the period are
Answer: D

SAP認定資格   C-TFIN52-05過去問   C-TFIN52-05練習問題

NO.24 All reconciliation accounts and all G/L accounts with open item transactions in foreign
currency must
be assigned to the G/L account for realized losses and gains. Which of the following options
exist for this
assignment: (Choose Two)
A. A single G/L account can not be used per currencies and currency types.
B. A single G/L account can be used per currency.
C. A single G/L account can not be used per currency type
D. A single G/L account can be used for all currencies and currency types
Answer: B,D

SAP過去問   C-TFIN52-05練習問題   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05認定資格

NO.25 Which of the following about vendor transaction is correct (Multi)? (Choose Two)
A. A vendor down payment request is a noted item.
B. A vendor down payment request cannot be included in payment program to produce down
C. A vendor down payment is cleared after final invoice is received from vendor.
D. Vendor down payment is shown on balance sheet under normal reconciliation account for
E. Special g/l transaction is one, which is included in spl purpose ledger under coding block
in G/L
Answer: A,C

SAP過去問   C-TFIN52-05認定資格   C-TFIN52-05

NO.26 You define a financial statement version in two steps: (Choose Two)
A. Enter in the directory of financial statement versions
B. Define hierarchy levels and assign accounts
C. None of the above
Answer: A,B

SAP   C-TFIN52-05   C-TFIN52-05参考書   C-TFIN52-05過去問   C-TFIN52-05練習問題

NO.27 Asset class is a selection criterion in all standard reports in FI-AA
A. true
B. false
Answer: A

SAP   C-TFIN52-05練習問題   C-TFIN52-05認定資格   C-TFIN52-05

NO.28 Chart of depreciation is a catalog of country specific depreciation areas structured
according to various
business aspects
A. true
B. false
Answer: A

SAP認証試験   C-TFIN52-05練習問題   C-TFIN52-05問題集   C-TFIN52-05認定試験

NO.29 Several charts of depreciation can also be assigned to an asset class
A. true
B. false
Answer: A

SAP   C-TFIN52-05練習問題   C-TFIN52-05参考書   C-TFIN52-05認証試験

NO.30 Debit Balance Check. (Choose Three)
A. Debit balance check can be maintained in the Vendor line items.
B. Vendor who has a debit balance, all of his line items always shown in the exception list
C. We can change the debit balance check.
D. Debit balance check can be carried out after payment run.
E. Debit Balance check is required if Vendor has a debit balance.
F. Debit balance check is carried out after payment proposal.
Answer: C,E,F

SAP   C-TFIN52-05練習問題   C-TFIN52-05

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