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Network ApplianceNS0-111試験に合格することは容易なことではなくて、良い訓練ツールは成功の保証でPass4Testは君の試験の問題を準備してしまいました。君の初めての合格を目標にします。

きみはNetwork ApplianceNS0-111認定テストに合格するためにたくさんのルートを選択肢があります。Pass4Testは君のために良い訓練ツールを提供し、君のNetwork Appliance認証試に高品質の参考資料を提供しいたします。あなたの全部な需要を満たすためにいつも頑張ります。

Pass4Testはたくさんの方がIT者になる夢を実現させるサイトでございます。Pass4TestはNetwork ApplianceNS0-111認証試験について最新の対応性教育テストツールを研究し続けて、Network ApplianceNS0-111認定試験の問題集を開発いたしました。Pass4Testが提供したNetwork ApplianceNS0-111試験問題と解答が真実の試験の練習問題と解答は最高の相似性があり、一年の無料オンラインの更新のサービスがあり、100%のパス率を保証して、もし試験に合格しないと、弊社は全額で返金いたします。

試験科目:Network Appliance 「Network Appliance Storage Associate Exam」

今競争の激しいIT業界で地位を固めたいですが、Network Appliance NS0-111認証試験に合格しなければなりません。IT業界ではさらに強くなるために強い専門知識が必要です。Network Appliance NS0-111認証試験に合格することが簡単ではなくて、Network Appliance NS0-111証明書は君にとってはIT業界に入るの一つの手づるになるかもしれません。しかし必ずしも大量の時間とエネルギーで復習しなくて、弊社が丹精にできあがった問題集を使って、試験なんて問題ではありません。

Pass4Test提供した商品の品質はとても良くて、しかも更新のスピードももっともはやくて、もし君はNetwork ApplianceNS0-111の認証試験に関する学習資料をしっかり勉強して、成功することも簡単になります。


NO.1 Please click the exhibit button.
Which of the commands from the special boot menu will zero disks and install a new file system?
A. (1) Normal boot.
B. (2) Boot without /etc/rc.
C. (3) Change password.
D. (4) Initialize all disks.
E. (5) Maintenance mode boot.
Answer: D

Network Appliance認定証   NS0-111認証試験   NS0-111   NS0-111

NO.2 Which one of the following files will allow you to change the search order for hostname resolution?
A. /etc/hosts
B. /etc/resolv.conf
C. /etc/searchorder.conf
D. /etc/nsswitch.conf
Answer: D

Network Appliance   NS0-111認証試験   NS0-111認定証   NS0-111問題集   NS0-111練習問題

NO.3 Which command would you use to display complete hardware information for a storage appliance?
A. vol status -v
B. sysconfig -v
C. sysstat
D. disk health -v
Answer: B

Network Appliance   NS0-111問題集   NS0-111   NS0-111認定証   NS0-111認定資格

NO.4 Which one of the following is a valid VLAN interface?
A. E3-9
B. E0
C. E3a
D. All of the above
Answer: A

Network Appliance   NS0-111   NS0-111過去問   NS0-111

NO.5 What are the syntax differences between the aggr copy command options and the vol copy command
A. Aggr copy commands are case-sensitive, but vol copy commands are not case sensitive.
B. Aggr copy options do not work at the command line.
C. Aggr copy options must be listed in alphabetical order.
D. None; the syntax for both options are the same.
Answer: D

Network Appliance認定資格   NS0-111   NS0-111

NO.6 To recover a file from a snapshot using a UNIX client, what directory will a user look for?
A. snapshot
B. .snapshot
C. snap
D. ~snapshot
Answer: B

Network Appliance認定資格   NS0-111認定試験   NS0-111   NS0-111練習問題

NO.7 What two conditions should be verified prior to performing remote backups? (Choose 2)
A. The trust relationships between the source and the destination
B. That clustered failover is disabled
C. That rsh is enabled for remote access
D. That remote backup is enabled
Answer: AC

Network Appliance   NS0-111参考書   NS0-111認定試験   NS0-111   NS0-111   NS0-111認定資格

NO.8 Which two of the following statements about qtrees and volumes are true? (Choose 2)
A. A volume can contain qtrees, but qtrees cannot contain qtrees.
B. A quota can be set for a qtree, but not for an exported file system.
C. A qtree can contain a volume, but a volume cannot contain a qtree.
D. The default security style for a qtree is the security style of the volume root directory.
Answer: AD

Network Appliance認定試験   NS0-111練習問題   NS0-111   NS0-111

NO.9 You are performing a Data ONTAP upgrade and have loaded the system files onto the storage
appliance, and have
successfully issued the download command.
What is the next command you would enter to complete the upgrade procedure?
A. version
B. sysconfig -v
C. software
D. reboot
Answer: D

Network Appliance練習問題   NS0-111認定証   NS0-111練習問題   NS0-111   NS0-111認定試験

NO.10 To recover a file from a snapshot using a Windows client, what directory will a user look for?
A. snapshot
B. .snapshot
C. snap
D. ~snapshot
Answer: D

Network Appliance   NS0-111   NS0-111   NS0-111認定資格

NO.11 Which three actions can be performed with the restore command? (Choose 3)
A. View a list of files on tape.
B. Restore individual files and directories.
C. Restart a failed restore process.
D. Enter a number to specify how many filemarks should be skipped.
Answer: ABC

Network Appliance   NS0-111   NS0-111   NS0-111問題集

NO.12 Which volume option will disable automatic snapshot creation?
A. Setting the nosnap volume option to on
B. Turning off access to the .snapshot directory
C. Setting the nosnapdir option to on
D. Setting snap reserve to 0%
Answer: A

Network Appliance認定資格   NS0-111参考書   NS0-111問題集   NS0-111

NO.13 Which one of the following console commands indicates that all expansion cards are installed in the
appropriate slots on the system board?
A. config -v
B. vol status -r
C. sysconfig -c
D. sysconfig -t
E. sysconfig -m
Answer: C

Network Appliance参考書   NS0-111   NS0-111認定試験   NS0-111認証試験   NS0-111

NO.14 Which one of the following statements best describes the primary value of NVRAM?
A. Data integrity and improved response time for write operations
B. RAID protection
C. Data integrity and simplified backups
D. Separate processing of the network protocol stack
E. Separate processes for the disk subsystem
Answer: A

Network Appliance   NS0-111認証試験   NS0-111練習問題   NS0-111認定試験   NS0-111

NO.15 LUNs can be created using FilerView.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

Network Appliance   NS0-111認定資格   NS0-111

NO.16 Choose the best way to minimize backup time.
A. Tape backup over the WAN connection
B. Utilizing a larger tape capacity
C. Organizing data in volumes and qtrees
D. Using multiple local tape drives
Answer: D

Network Appliance認定資格   NS0-111過去問   NS0-111   NS0-111   NS0-111

NO.17 What is NDMP?
A. It is a standard protocol for controlling data transfers between primary and secondary storage devices
B. It is a proprietary protocol used for controlling data transfers between the storage appliance head and
disk drives
C. It is a networking trace analysis tool
D. It is a network management tool for storage appliances
Answer: A

Network Appliance   NS0-111認定試験   NS0-111練習問題

NO.18 Which one of the following commands is used to modify network interfaces on the storage appliance?
A. ipconfig
B. ifconfig
C. interface
D. ipset
Answer: B

Network Appliance   NS0-111   NS0-111   NS0-111

NO.19 Which line describes a 50M tree quota for a qtree named "mydata" on volume "vol1"? Target Type
Disk Files Thold Sdisk Sfiles
A. /vol/vol1/mydata tree 50M -
B. /vol/vol1 [email protected] 50M -
C. steve [email protected]/vol/vol1 50M -
D. /vol/vol1 qtree/steve 50M -
Answer: A

Network Appliance   NS0-111   NS0-111認定証   NS0-111認証試験   NS0-111   NS0-111参考書

NO.20 If there are problems with user quotas being misapplied, the following two files should be checked:
A. /etc/quotas and /etc/rc
B. /etc/quotas and /etc/usermap.cfg
C. /etc/rc and /etc/usermap.cfg
D. /etc/quotas and /etc/quotarules
Answer: B

Network Appliance   NS0-111過去問   NS0-111問題集   NS0-111認定資格   NS0-111過去問

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