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試験科目:Apple 「ACTC 10.7 Recertification Exam」


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NO.1 Which statement is true about Open Directory locales in OS X Lion Server?
A. Locales integrate the Open Directory domain with Active Directory forest names.
B. Locales organize Open Directory servers according to the subnet that they service.
C. Administrators can define locales to allow users to interact with services in the language of their
D. Locales affect which folders, if any, appear in the Network view on a Mac client computer.
Answer: B

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NO.2 Which protocols can a computer use to connect to the VPN service running on an OS X Lion Server
v10.7.3 (or later)?
A. Cisco IPSec and SSL VPN
B. PPTP and Cisco IPSec
C. L2TP and PPTP
E. L2TP and Cisco IPSec
Answer: C

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NO.3 You are setting up an OS X Lion Server computer to host NetBoot images. How do you let users on
client computers booted from the NetBoot service retain their personal system settings, such as their
preferred Dock position?
A. In Server Admin, configure the NetBoot service to store its shadow files on an AFP or NFS server.
B. In Server app, set the managed preferences for the user accounts to "Never managed".
C. In Server Admin, enable the Client Data option for the volume on the server that is hosting the NetBoot
D. In Server app, configure the user accounts to use networked home folders.
Answer: D

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NO.4 What protocol does the Mail application in OS X Lion use to send email from a client computer to a mail
server for delivery?
Answer: A

Apple認定証   9L0-517認定証   9L0-517   9L0-517

NO.5 Which protocol can iCal clients use to access iCal service calendar files on an OS X Lion Server
Answer: E

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NO.6 What token does a client computer present to OS X Lion Server in order to authenticate to a
kerberized service running on the server?
A. A ticket-granting ticket (TGT) obtained from the Key Distribution Center (KDC)
B. A service ticket obtained from the Key Distribution Center (KDC)
C. The user's password
D. A client-generated service ticket
Answer: A

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NO.7 What are TWO ways an administrator can deliver a profile to iOS devices? (Choose 2.)
A. Email the profile as an attachment to the user with instructions to install it on the iOS device.
B. Distribute the profile to users' computers over the network, then tell users to sync their devices to their
computers using iTunes.
C. Connect each iOS device to an admin computer, and copy the .pfm file to the device.
D. Post the profile on the App Store, and tell users to download it.
E. Using Profile Manager, push the profile to an enrolled iOS device.
Answer: A, E

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NO.8 In OS X Lion Server, the DHCP service ________.
A. distributes IP addresses and associated information to clients
B. translates network addresses
C. authenticates users who access the server remotely
D. maps IP addresses to names
Answer: A

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NO.9 How does VPN service support OS X Lion Server security?
A. VPN determines whether an incoming packet is a legitimate response to an outgoing request, or part of
an ongoing session.
B. VPN provides strong authentication, and encrypted data transport between devices.
C. VPN provides a framework for the authentication methods available to the server.
D. VPN blocks the normal connection failure notification to the source of a failed connection if the failed
connection was sent to a closed port on the server.
Answer: B

Apple   9L0-517   9L0-517   9L0-517   9L0-517

NO.10 How can you update the software of an OS X Lion Server computer from a remote admin computer,
using Server app?
A. Enable the Software Update service, and click Start Software Update.
B. Click Alerts in the sidebar, double-click any alert for an available software update, and then click Install.
C. Select the server name under Hardware in the sidebar, click the Updates tab, and then click Install.
D. Select Server Updates from the Tools menu, click Check Now, and then click Install.
Answer: B

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NO.11 Which procedure will prevent guest users from seeing a specific shared folder that is hosted on an OS X
Lion Server?
A. Enable the Hidden flag on the folder.
B. Set the folder's permissions for Everyone Else to No Access.
C. Add a period to the beginning of the folder's name.
D. Click the folder, then select Get Info from the File menu, and click the option "Hide from Guest Users."
Answer: B

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NO.12 How do you create a configuration profile for a group managed on an OS X Lion Server computer
located at
A. In Workgroup Manager, connect to, select the group, and click Add
B. In Server Tools, open Profile Manager, connect to, select the group in the
Library, and edit the profile.
C. In Server Admin, connect to, select Profile Manager, select Groups, select the
target group, and then click Add (+).
D. In a web browser, go to, select Groups in the sidebar,
select the target group, click the Profile tab, and then click Edit.
Answer: D

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NO.13 You need to retrieve the latest Lion system update from Apple so you can install it on several
networked iMacs. Which statement describes a valid method of using a single computer to begin this
A. Choose Download Only from the Update menu in Software Update on one computer, and then
distribute the updates to the target iMacs over the network.
B. Identify available updates using Software Update, choose "Go to Apple downloads page" from the
Update menu, use Safari to download the updates from the Apple Support website on one computer, and
then distribute the updates to the target iMacs over the network.
C. Download the updates on one computer, and store them in the computer's /Network/Software Updates/
folder; Software Update will automatically search this folder first when it runs on the target iMacs.
D. Open Software Update and click Receipts.
Answer: B

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NO.14 Which statement best describes the wiki in OS X Lion Server?
A. A series of date-stamped and chronologically ordered entries on a website
B. A collaborative website that can be edited within a web browser
C. A website that is configured to provide access to mail accounts
D. A folder on a website, with permissions that restrict access to the files it contains
Answer: B

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NO.15 Review the screenshot, and then answer the question below.
Using AFP, you copy a file from your Mac into the shared folder shown above. Members of the staff group
report that they are unable to edit the file.
Assuming no ACLs have been configured, what is the MOST LIKELY reason for this issue.?
A. Everyone permissions apply to the staff group because the staff group's GID has been changed.
B. The file is locked.
C. The group permission for the file is set to read-only.
D. Members of the staff group do not have write access to /tmp/_caches on the server.
Answer: C

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