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試験科目:Apple 「System Administration Using Mac」




NO.1 Click the Exhibit button and study the network diagram, then answer the question below. You
administer the server with IP addresses and You have configured its two
network interfaces in Network Preferences. Which TWO additional steps must you take on your
server to ensure that the workstation at can communicate with the server at, even
if the server at is restarted? (Choose TWO.)
A.Enable IP forwarding with sysctl.
B.Add a static route for network 10.1.0/24.
C.Add a static route for network 10.1.1/24.
D.Enable IP forwarding from Server Admin.
E.Set the IPFORWARDING flag in /etc/hostconfig to -YES-.
Correct:A E

Apple認定資格   9L0-607   9L0-607   9L0-607

NO.2 You are configuring Mac OS X Server to authorize users stored on an Active Directory server.
You need to ________ and ________. (Choose TWO.)
A.generate and install keytabs
B.configure the Active Directory plug-in
C.use slurpd to import Active Directory users to your local LDAP database
D.configure Open Directory to emulate Active Directory properties in the LDAPv3 database
E.use Workgroup Manager to include properties required by Open Directory in the Active Directory
Correct:A B

Apple認定資格   9L0-607   9L0-607   9L0-607

NO.3 On Mac OS X Server 10.3, which feature in amd represents an improvement over automount?
A.graphical user interface of AFP and NFS
C.integration with directory services of industry-standard mount maps

Apple認定資格   9L0-607   9L0-607   9L0-607

NO.4 Server Monitor does NOT provide status information for which Xserve component?
B.hard drive
C.power supply
D.fibre channel link

Apple認定資格   9L0-607   9L0-607   9L0-607

NO.5 Which are valid SMTP commands that you might use in a Telnet session when testing your mail
server? (Choose all that apply.)
A.mail from:
B.mail to:
C.rcpt from:
D.rcpt to:
E.relay from:
F.relay to:
Correct:A D

Apple認定資格   9L0-607   9L0-607   9L0-607

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