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試験科目:Juniper 「Juniper networks Certified internet specialist.e(jncis-e)」
最近更新時間:2013-9-7 11:10:54


NO.1 Which two services protect the ERX Edge Router from unauthorized CLI logins?
A. IPSec
B. SecureID
C. local passwords
D. default IP policy
E. RADIUS authentication
Answer: CE

Juniper   JN0-130認定資格   JN0-130
  16. Your ERX Edge Router is constantly going to a boot## prompt.
What is the most likely cause for this condition?
A. bad SRP
B. low voltage
C. bad mid-plane
D. corrupted flash
Answer: D

Juniper過去問   JN0-130参考書   JN0-130認定試験
17. Which sequence of events describes the order used to restore normal router operation after
experiencing a corrupted flash?
A. initialize flash, reload, copy new system files from FTP server
B. reload, copy new system files from FTP server, initialize flash
C. initialize flash, copy new system files from FTP server, reload
D. reload, initialize flash, copy new system files from FTP server
Answer: C

Juniper参考書   JN0-130   JN0-130参考書
18. You are trying to recover from a corrupted flash.
Which configuration command configures an IP address of on the SRP management
  interface when the ERX1400 router is at the boot## prompt?
A. ip address
B. ip address subnetmask 24
C. ip address
D. ip address mask
Answer: C

Juniper   JN0-130   JN0-130認定試験   JN0-130   JN0-130
19. What describes the functionality of NTP when using multiple virtual routers?
A. All virtual routers can act as NTP clients and servers.
B. Only one virtual router can act as an NTP client and a server.
C. Only one virtual router can act as an NTP server but all can be clients.
D. Only one virtual router can act as an NTP client but all can be servers.
Answer: D

Juniper過去問   JN0-130   JN0-130過去問
20. Which configuration command is used to make the ERX Edge Router an NTP server?
A. set ntp-server
B. set ntp server
C. ntp-server enable
D. ntp server enable
Answer: D

Juniper認証試験   JN0-130認証試験   JN0-130   JN0-130認定証
21. Which configuration command allows a virtual router to receive updates from a configured NTP
A. ntp enable
B. enable ntp
C. set ntp-client
D. enable ntp-client
Answer: A

Juniper   JN0-130参考書   JN0-130
22. Which configuration command is used to send debug level events to the console in real time?
A. log here severity debug
B. log destination console severity debug
C. log severity debug destination console
D. log realtime destination console severity debug
Answer: B

Juniper問題集   JN0-130   JN0-130認定試験   JN0-130問題集   JN0-130過去問   JN0-130
  23. Which command initiates a packet trace for all PPP packets on interface atm 6/1.33 ?
A. log filter debug pppPacket atm 6/1.33
B. log severity debug pppPacket atm 6/1.33
C. log filter debug category pppPacket atm 6/1.33
D. log severity debug category pppPacket atm 6/1.33
Answer: B

Juniper   JN0-130認定試験   JN0-130過去問
24. Log messages are appearing very quickly on the console of your ERX Edge Router.
Which Privileged Exec command disables real-time console logging?
A. no log here
B. no log console
C. destination console severity 7
D. destination console logging off
Answer: A

Juniper認定試験   JN0-130認証試験   JN0-130
25. Which two configuration commands are required to direct debug level console logging to your current
ERX Edge Router Telnet session? (Choose two.)
A. log here
B. log telnet here
C. log destination console severity 7
D. log destination telnet severity debug
Answer: AC

Juniper問題集   JN0-130過去問   JN0-130   JN0-130   JN0-130問題集
  26. A log filter of log severity DEBUG pppPacket ATM 4/3.66 is configured within the category of
Which configuration command removes this specific log filter?
A. no log severity pppPacket
B. no log severity debug pppPacket
C. no log severity pppPacket atm 4/3.66
D. no log severity debug pppPacket 4/3.66
Answer: C

Juniper認定証   JN0-130練習問題   JN0-130   JN0-130認証試験
27. Which configuration command removes all log filters currently configured on the ERX Edge Router?
A. no log here
B. no log fields
C. no log filters
D. no log severity
Answer: C

Juniper   JN0-130認定試験   JN0-130認証試験   JN0-130練習問題
28. Which three statements describe macros on the ERX Edge Router? (Choose three.)
A. They prompt users for input.
B. They cannot prompt users for input.
C. They can be created on the router itself.
D. They are an embedded programming language.
E. They can be created on the user's workstation.
Answer: ADE

Juniper   JN0-130練習問題   JN0-130認証試験   JN0-130
  29. Which command is used to execute a macro called setup.mac ?
A. macro setup
B. macro setup.mac
C. run macro setup
D. run macro setup.mac
Answer: B

Juniper   JN0-130認定試験   JN0-130認定資格   JN0-130過去問
30. Which control expression must be the last line in all macros?
A. <# end #>
B. <# finish #>
C. <# endtmpl #>
D. <# terminate #>
Answer: C

Juniper過去問   JN0-130   JN0-130   JN0-130参考書

NO.2 Which message type is used to initiate an RSVP-TE label switched path?
A. path
B. resv
C. setup
D. session
Answer: A

Juniper認定資格   JN0-130   JN0-130   JN0-130参考書

NO.3 Which two types of routes may be advertised via EBGP? (Choose two.)
A. Routes that do not originate in the local AS and are learned by OSPF.
B. Routes that originate on the local router and are advertised into OSPF.
C. Routes that are transiting the local router and are BGP learned routes.
D. Routes that originate on the local router and are injected using a route map.
Answer: CD

Juniper   JN0-130   JN0-130   JN0-130参考書   JN0-130

NO.4 Which CLI command is used to set a Privileged Exec password of mypassword?
A. enable password 0 mypassword
B. enable password 3 mypassword
C. enable password 5 mypassword
D. enable password 10 mypassword
Answer: A

Juniper   JN0-130認証試験   JN0-130

NO.5 Which three statements are true regarding the DHCP Internal Server? (Choose three.)
A. Can be in remote-access mode.
B. Can be in equal-access mode.
C. Can be in standalone mode.
D. Standalone mode is the default.
E. Equal-access mode is the default.
Answer: BCE

Juniper   JN0-130問題集   JN0-130   JN0-130

NO.6 Which configuration command places interfaces whose IP addresses are between and into OSPF area 0?
A. network area
B. network area
C. area network
D. area network
Answer: B

Juniper問題集   JN0-130問題集   JN0-130   JN0-130参考書   JN0-130

NO.7 Which two BGP attributes are incorporated for loop prevention within an AS using a route reflection
configuration? (Choose two.)
A. AS Path
B. Next Hop
C. Cluster List
D. Originator ID
Answer: CD

Juniper認定証   JN0-130過去問   JN0-130認定証   JN0-130   JN0-130認証試験

NO.8 Why would you make a non-backbone area a stub or not-so-stubby area?
A. to aggregate routes learned from the ABR
B. to lower the cost of routes advertised by the ABR
C. to connect a non-contiguous area to the backbone
D. to decrease the size of the link-state database in that area
Answer: D

Juniper   JN0-130   JN0-130   JN0-130

NO.9 Which CLI command disconnects all subscribers on an ATM PVC?
A. clear port 4/3.99
B. logout port 4/3.99
C. clear subscriber port 4/3.99
D. logout subscriber port 4/3.99
Answer: D

Juniper   JN0-130   JN0-130   JN0-130   JN0-130問題集

NO.10 You would like to view all Fast Ethernet interfaces currently using VLAN tagging and the specific VLANs
each interface is using.
Which CLI command displays this information?
A. show fast interface
B. show vlan interface
C. show vlan subinterface
D. show fast interface vlan
Answer: C

Juniper   JN0-130問題集   JN0-130

NO.11 Which CLI command displays the VRFs that are operational within each virtual router?
A. show vir
B. show ip vrf
C. show vrf vir
D. show mpls vrf
Answer: A

Juniper   JN0-130   JN0-130認定証   JN0-130認定証   JN0-130

NO.12 Is the IS-IS Designated Intermediate System (DIS) election process called Deterministic or Static and
A. It is Static. If the priorities are equal for a new neighbor and the current DIS only.
B. It is Deterministic. If the well-known pseudonode and system ID is configured on the new neighbor only.
C. It is Deterministic. When a new router appears on a multi-access network with a higher priority value, it
is elected as the DIS.
D. It is Static. When a new intermediate system powers up on a multi-access network, even if it has a
higher priority, it may become a backup DIS.
Answer: C

Juniper   JN0-130   JN0-130

NO.13 In a Bridged 1483 network, which set of commands is used to configure an ATM subinterface?
A. interface atm 6/0.33
atm pvc 33 0 33 aal5snap
description Company-XYZ
encapsulation bridge1483
ip address unnumbered loopback0
B. interface atm 6/0.33
atm pvc 33 0 33 aal5snap
description Company-XYZ
encapsulation bridge1483
ip unnumbered loopback0
C. interface atm 6/0.33
atm pvc 33 0 33 aal5snap
encapsulation bridge1483
description Company-XYZ
ip address unnumbered loopback0
D. interface atm 6/0.33
atm pvc 33 0 33 aal5snap
encapsulation bridge1483
description Company-XYZ
ip unnumbered loopback0
Answer: D

Juniper   JN0-130練習問題   JN0-130過去問   JN0-130   JN0-130

NO.14 Which CLI command displays the status of a PPP over Ethernet subinterface?
A. show pppoe interface
B. show ppp int state up
C. show ip interface brief
D. show pppoe subinterface
Answer: D

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NO.15 Which three statements about Label-Switched Paths (LSPs) are true? (Choose three.)
A. LSPs are bidirectional.
B. LSPs are unidirectional.
C. LSPs can be signaled by CAC.
D. LSPs can be configured explicitly.
E. LSPs can be configured dynamically.
Answer: BDE

Juniper   JN0-130認定資格   JN0-130   JN0-130   JN0-130

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