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NO.1 Which file system rights should users have to the Personality Migration Personality Store directory on
your NetWare server? (Choose 4.)
A. Read
B. Erase
C. Write
D. Create
E. Modify
F. File Scan
G. Access Control
Answer: ACDF

Novell認証試験   50-692   50-692

NO.2 Which tasks can the ZENworks 6.5 Desktop Management Remote Management service accomplish?
(Choose 3.)
A. Remotely boot a powered-off managed workstation.
B. Remotely blank out the managed workstation's screen.
C. Remotely run executables on the managed workstation.
D. Remotely modify the managed workstation's CMOS settings.
E. Remotely access the SCSI ROM BIOS on workstations with SCSI adapters.
Answer: ABC

Novell   50-692過去問   50-692   50-692認定試験

NO.3 Which objects can you associate with a workstation package? (Choose 3.)
A. User
B. Group
C. Alias
D. Server
E. Printer
F. Profile
G. Container
H. Workstation
I. Workstation Group
Answer: GHI

Novell   50-692   50-692練習問題

NO.4 With reference to ZENworks Desktop Management imaging, which term refers to an archived
collection of files to be added to an existing Windows installation on target workstation without overwriting
the existing hard drive contents? (Choose 2.)
A. Add-on image
B. File-only image
C. Workstation image
D. Application overlay
E. Image-safe data area
F. Application transform
Answer: AD

Novell認定資格   50-692   50-692認証試験   50-692   50-692   50-692認定試験

NO.5 Which type of policy package contains the Workstation Import policy?
A. User policy package
B. Server policy package
C. Container policy package
D. Workstation policy package
E. Service Location policy package
Answer: B

Novell参考書   50-692認証試験   50-692認定証   50-692認定試験

NO.6 You are configuring the Dynamic Local User policy in a user package for users in your eDirectory tree.
Company policy dictates that any local user accounts created on workstations by the Dynamic Local User
policy must be immediately deleted when users log out. Which type of Dynamic Local User accounts
should you configure the policy to use?
A. Volatile
B. Temporary
C. Transient
D. Nonvolatile
E. Non-persistent
F. The Dynamic Local User policy doesn't support this type of account.
Answer: A

Novell練習問題   50-692過去問   50-692   50-692認定証   50-692練習問題   50-692

NO.7 Which utility can be used to create an MST file?
A. iManager
B. Schemax
C. SnAppShot
D. ConsoleOne
E. AdminStudio
Answer: E

Novell   50-692問題集   50-692認定証

NO.8 You need to deliver applications to your users and workstations that reside in remote locations outside
your organization's firewall. What is required to accomplish this using ZENworks 6.5 Desktop
A. Load Nal.nlm with the -N switch.
B. Implement the ZENworks Middle-Tier server.
C. Load Appman.nlm with the -PASSTHROUGH switch.
D. Enable dynamic NAT passthrough on the server where ZENworks is installed.
Answer: B

Novell   50-692   50-692認定資格   50-692   50-692認定資格

NO.9 To configure user-defined policies using the ADM files for workstation objects, which policy do you
A. iPrint
B. Remote control
C. Computer extensible
D. Workstation imaging
E. ZENworks Desktop Management agent
Answer: C

Novell参考書   50-692認証試験   50-692   50-692過去問

NO.10 Which statements are true about NAL application fault tolerance? (Choose 2.)
A. It is configured to handle server failure.
B. It is configured to optimize server utilization.
C. You do not need to create and define application objects.
D. Duplicate application object files must be stored on a different server.
E. Duplicate application objects must be stored on the same server as the application objects.
Answer: AD

Novell認証試験   50-692認定試験   50-692認証試験   50-692

NO.11 Which statements are true about ZENworks 6.5 Desktop Management site lists? (Choose 2.)
A. The Novell Client must be installed to use them.
B. They must be configured differently depending on which client is being used.
C. Users can access applications locally even if they authenticate across the WAN.
D. They can be implemented, regardless of whether users authenticate using the Novell Client or a
ZENworks middle-tier server.
Answer: CD

Novell認定資格   50-692問題集   50-692   50-692

NO.12 Which parameter in the Settings.txt file is used to specify the address of your Imaging server?
Answer: E

Novell   50-692問題集   50-692   50-692参考書

NO.13 You're configuring a container login script in your eDirectory tree to automatically distribute the ZPMS
Update Agent to your users' workstations. You've copied the Update Agent files from the Update Server to
the Sys:\Public directory on your DA1 NetWare 6.5 server. Which file should you call from within your
login script to install the Update Agent?
A. Setup.bat
B. NetInstall.bat
C. ZPMSAgent.msi
D. UpdateAgent.bat
E. ZPMSUpdateAgent.exe
F. ZENUpdateAgentInstall.bat
Answer: B

Novell認証試験   50-692   50-692認証試験   50-692問題集   50-692

NO.14 You're configuring a Remote Control session with a remote managed workstation over a slow
connection. Which Color Quality option should you choose for best performance?
A. Normal
B. 8 colors
C. Greyscale
D. 16 colors
E. 256 colors
F. 64k colors
Answer: D

Novell認定資格   50-692認定証   50-692   50-692

NO.15 User MHoffmann.LEADS.SALES.SLC.DA is a member of the ProjectLeads.DA group. You have
associated a user policy package with the DA container that configures user desktops to use the
Corplogo.bmp background. You've also associated a user policy package with the SALES.SLC.DA
container that configures user desktops to use the Corplogo2.bmp background. You've also associated a
user policy package with ProjectLeads.DA that configures user desktops to use the Corplogo3.bmp
background. When MHoffmann logs in, which background will be applied to her workstation?
A. Corplogo.bmp
B. Corplogo2.bmp
C. Corplogo3.bmp
D. The container and group associations are in conflict and, therefore, no background will be applied.
Answer: C

Novell   50-692   50-692

NO.16 Which eDirectory object do you use to generate Inventory reports in ConsoleOne?
A. User
B. Server
C. Workstation
D. Inventory server
E. Inventory database
F. User policy package
G. Workstation policy package
Answer: E

Novell   50-692認定試験   50-692認定資格   50-692

NO.17 Which type of ZENworks Personality Migration saves the personality in a file which can be then
transferred to a different computer?
A. Imaged migration
B. Hosted migration
C. Stored migration
D. Delayed migration
E. Deferred migration
F. Real-time migration
G. Suspended migration
Answer: E

Novell   50-692   50-692   50-692過去問

NO.18 What must be installed and configured on the server along with the Middle Tier Server in order for it to
function? (Choose 2.)
B. Rsync
D. iManager
E. NetStorage
F. A web server
G. Workstation Imaging
H. Workstation Inventory
Answer: EF

Novell   50-692練習問題   50-692過去問   50-692   50-692   50-692認定証

NO.19 Which file can you edit on the managed workstation to configure the TCP port used by the Remote
Management Agent?
A. Rm.cfg
B. Zrm.ini
C. Rmcfg.ini
D. ZenRm.cfg
E. Remote.ini
F. RemMan.cfg
Answer: C

Novell認証試験   50-692認定資格   50-692   50-692

NO.20 Which Novell application launcher (NAL) settings are applied if custom settings for the user object and
it's parent container are configured?
A. The default settings only
B. The container's custom settings only
C. The user's custom settings will override any conflicts
D. The container's custom settings will override any conflicts
Answer: C

Novell認定試験   50-692   50-692   50-692認定試験

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