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1z1-062 資格勉強 - 1Z1-327 出題内容 & 1z0-809日本語 日本語版問題解説

1z1-062 訓練、1z1-062 合格率 - 1z1-062 訓練一年間無料で更新サービスを提供することができます & 1z1-062 訓練参考書勉強 問題集過去問 & 信頼してくれましょう1z1-062 訓練、オンライン試験 実際試験1z1-062 訓練 - 1z1-062 訓練スピーディーな洞察力と & て一発合格することを保証いたします1z1-062 訓練 - 資格 全真模擬試験1z1-062 訓練 - マイクロソフト 1z1-062 訓練教材、1z1-062 訓練認定を学習道をリーダーする、顧客とアプリケーションの1z1-062 訓練要件の特定、ルートを通じないと試験に合格するの1z1-062 訓練が比較的に難しい、多くの1z1-062 訓練時間を取らなければならないとしたら

Pass4Testの1z1-062 資格勉強はあなたを楽に試験の準備をやらせます。それに、もし最初で試験を受ける場合、試験のソフトウェアのバージョンを使用することができます。これは完全に実際の試験雰囲気とフォーマットをシミュレートするソフトウェアですから。このソフトで、あなたは事前に実際の試験を感じることができます。そうすれば、実際の1z1-062 資格勉強を受けるときに緊張をすることはないです。ですから、心のリラックスした状態で試験に出る問題を対応することができ、あなたの正常なレベルをプレイすることもできます。

Pass4Testはきっとご存じしています。それは現在、市場上でOracle の1Z1-327 出題内容に合格する率が一番高いからです。あなたはうちのOracleの1Z1-327 出題内容を購入する前に、一部分のフリーな試験問題と解答をダンロードして、試用してみることができます。ご利用によってで、うちのOracleの1Z1-327 出題内容は正確性が高いです。Oracleの1Z1-327 出題内容を購入したら、私たちは一年間で無料更新サービスを提供することができます。

試験科目:「Oracle Database 12c: Installation and Administration」
問題と解答:全248問 1z1-062 資格勉強

>> 1z1-062 資格勉強

試験科目:「Oracle Fusion Procurement Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Essentials」
問題と解答:全85問 1Z1-327 出題内容

>> 1Z1-327 出題内容

試験科目:「Java SE 8 Programmer II (1z0-809日本語版)」
問題と解答:全128問 1z0-809日本語 日本語版問題解説

>> 1z0-809日本語 日本語版問題解説


Pass4Testは優れたIT情報のソースを提供するサイトです。Pass4Testで、あなたの試験のためのテクニックと勉強資料を見つけることができます。Pass4TestのOracleの1z0-809日本語 日本語版問題解説は豊富な知識と経験を持っているIT専門家に研究された成果で、正確度がとても高いです。Pass4Testに会ったら、最高のトレーニング資料を見つけました。Pass4TestのOracleの1z0-809日本語 日本語版問題解説を持っていたら、試験に対する充分の準備がありますから、安心に利用したください。


Oracle Database 12c: Installation and Administration  New & Upcoming Releases   Print this Exam
Exam Number: 1Z0-062
Associated Certifications: OPN Certified Specialist , Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate , ORACLE MASTER Silver Oracle Database 12c (Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate - Available only in Japan)
Exam Product Version: Oracle Database 12c
Exam Price: KRW 274651 More on exam pricing
Duration: 150 minutes
Number of Questions: 95
Passing Score: 67% View passing score policy
Validated Against: This exam has been validated against Oracle Database
Exam Format: Multiple Choice
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Also available in Spanish - 1Z0-062-ESN.
Exam PreparationExam Topics
Recommended Training

Oracle Database 12c: Admin, Install and Upgrade Accelerated or
Oracle Database 12c: Install and Upgrade Workshop and Oracle Database 12c: Administration Workshop
Certification Discount Package: Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate Certification Discount Package (ILT, LVC)

Recommended training provides the best course(s) to help you prepare for your exam. Exam topics may not map exactly. A multifaceted preparation approach is recommended.

Additional Training and Preparation

In addition to the Recommended Training course(s) from Oracle University, your preparation plan for Oracle Certification exams should include hands-on practice or on-the-job experience performing the tasks described on the Exam Topics tab. OU courses may not cover all exam topics and an integrated exam preparation approach is recommended.

Exam Preparation Seminar
Exam Prep Seminar Package: Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate
Certification Exam Prep Seminar: Oracle Database 12c: Install and Admin
Practice Exams
Oracle authorized practice exam from Transcender: 1Z0-062 - Oracle Database 12c: Installation and Administration

Oracle Database Administration
Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture
List the architectural components of Oracle Database
Explain the memory structures
Describe the background processes
Explain the relationship between logical and physical storage structures
Oracle Database Management Tools
Use database management tools
Oracle Database Instance
Understand initialization parameter files
Start up and shut down an Oracle database instance
View the alert log and access dynamic performance views
Configuring the Oracle Network Environment
Configure Oracle Net Services
Use tools for configuring and managing the Oracle network
Configure client-side network
Configure communication between databases
Managing Database Storage Structures
Describe the storage of table row data in blocks
Create and manage tablespaces
Administering User Security
Create and manage database user accounts
Grant and revoke privileges
Create and manage roles
Create and manage profiles
Managing Space
Explain how Oracle database server automatically manages space
Save space by using compression
Proactively monitor and manage tablespace space usage
Use the Segment Advisor
Reclaim wasted space from tables and indexes by using the segment shrink functionality
Manage resumable space allocation
Managing Undo Data
Explain DML and undo data generation
Monitor and administer undo data
Describe the difference between undo data and redo data
Configure undo retention
Managing Data Concurrency
Describe the locking mechanism and how Oracle manages data concurrency
Monitor and resolve locking conflicts
Implementing Oracle Database Auditing
Explain DBA responsibilities for security and auditing
Enable standard database auditing and unified auditing
Backup and Recovery Concepts
Identify the importance of checkpoints, redo log files, and archive log files
Backup and Recovery Configuration
Configure the fast recovery area
Configure ARCHIVELOG mode
Performing Database Backups
Create consistent database backups
Back up your database without shutting it down
Create incremental backups
Automate database backups
Manage backups
Performing Database Recovery
Determine the need for performing recovery
Use Recovery Manager (RMAN) and the Data Recovery Advisor to perform recovery of the control file, redo log file and data file
Moving Data
Describe ways to move data
Use SQL*Loader to load data from a non-Oracle database
Use external tables to move data via platform-independent files
Explain the general architecture of Oracle Data Pump
Use Data Pump Export and Import to move data between Oracle databases
Performing Database Maintenance
Manage the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)
Use the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM)
Describe and use the advisory framework
Set alert thresholds
User server-generated alerts
Use automated tasks
Managing Performance
Use Automatic Memory Management
Use the Memory Advisor to size memory buffers
Managing Performance: SQL Tuning
Manage optimizer statistics
Use the SQL Tuning advisor
Use the SQL Access Advisor to tune a workload
Managing Resources Using Database Resource Manager
Configure the Database Resource Manager
Access and create resource plans
Monitor the Resource Manager
Automating Tasks by Using Oracle Scheduler
Use Oracle Scheduler to simplify management tasks
Use job chains to perform a series of related tasks
Use Scheduler jobs on remote systems
Use advanced Scheduler features to prioritize jobs
Installing, Upgrading and Patching the Oracle Database
Oracle Software Installation Basics
Plan for an Oracle Database software installation
Installing Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a Standalone Server
Configure storage for Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM)
Install Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a standalone server
Installing Oracle Database Software
Install the Oracle Database software
Creating an Oracle Database Using DBCA
Create a database by using the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA)
Generate database creation scripts by using DBCA
Manage database design templates by using DBCA
Configure database options by using DBCA
Using Oracle Restart
Use Oracle Restart to manage components
Upgrading Oracle Database Software
Describe upgrade methods
Describe data migration methods
Describe the upgrade process
Preparing to Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c
Describe upgrade requirements when certain features or options are used in Oracle Database
Use the pre-upgrade information tool before performing an upgrade
Prepare the new Oracle home prior to performing an upgrade
Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c
Upgrade the database to Oracle Database 12c by using the Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA)
Perform a manual upgrade to Oracle Database 12c by using scripts and tools
Performing Post-Upgrade Tasks
Migrate to unified auditing
Perform post-upgrade tasks
Migrating Data by Using Oracle Data Pump
Migrate data by using Oracle Data Pump

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