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1Z0-060日本語 復習問題集、1Z1-327 日本語版問題解説

NO.1 Your organization is implementing Supplier Qualification Management (SQM) and wants the
supplier qualification process to be executed with segregation of duties in the following manner:
Identify the correct setup to meet this requirement.
A. initiatives created and owned by VD, internal response by SME, and evaluation by PD
B. initiatives created and owned by VD, internal response by PD, and evaluation by SME
C. initiatives created andowned by VD, internal response and evaluation by SME
D. initiatives created and owned by PD, internal response by VD, and evaluation by SME
Answer: A

1Z1-327 割引   1Z1-327 勉強法   

NO.2 An organization has been receiving incomplete Supplier Profile Data during the supplier
onboarding and qualification process.
Identify the way to ensure that the required Supplier Profile data is entered by a supplier during the
qualification process.
A. Create an initiative with questions classified by Standards Organization.
B. Create an initiative with questions classified by Subject.
C. Create an initiative with questions mapped to supplier attributes.
D. Create an initiative with questions Responder Type is internal.
Answer: C

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試験科目:「Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c (1Z0-060日本語版)」
問題と解答:全150問 1Z0-060日本語 復習問題集

>> 1Z0-060日本語 復習問題集

試験科目:「Oracle Fusion Procurement Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Essentials」
問題と解答:全85問 1Z1-327 日本語版問題解説

>> 1Z1-327 日本語版問題解説


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